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Twitch icon Felix “xQc” was left speechless during a November 25 live stream after checking some stats related to contributions from a longtime viewer. While responding to some viral YouTube videos, Felix’s attention was drawn to a Twitch fan who apparently grilled him.

When the French-Canadian noticed the viewer’s name, he realized that the latter frequently made contributions along the same lines and decided to reveal some previous messages.

xQc then discovered that Twitch chatter contributed 170 times to his channel. The narrator astonished him, when he called aloud:

“Chat! Wait for it! 170 Dono! What the hell! What the hell?! What’s up with you?”

xQc reveals a viewer who donated 170 times only to be grilled live

The former Overwatch pro watched popular YouTube videos at 06:08 of his November 25 live stream. He then noticed a veteran viewer commenting on the chat:

“You’re a real baby now X.”

Felix understood who was watching and called them saying:

“Dude, all you do is spam question marks. Look what you’re doing. Like, look at this guy. Oh, you’re the… wait! You’re the… hold on! All right, boys. Watch this. This guy , is the donor. Look at this! It’s you! Hey, Yo! This is why everyone is spineless and always donates anonymously. Watch it, Chat.”

After checking statistics, the streamer was amazed by the viewer’s donation history. He made sure not to reveal sensitive information and stated:

“Oh, my God! Okay, yo! Listen, I thought a holy thing, man! Okay, let me make sure it doesn’t show emails. Wait. Okay, f**k! Snip (Windows’ snipping tool). May I show the It is, right? Like name, amount and what he said. Yes, everything is public.”

Timestamp: 06:08:35

xQc took a screenshot of the viewer’s donation amounts and the attached messages. Felix then read some of the viewer’s donation messages:

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I’m thinking of losing $500,000 and then immediately depositing $200,000…’ ‘I’m addicted to oxygen Aware’. There’s no way I’ve seen an adult ** beaten…” “That explains why you’re so strange lately. “”You have no rhythm, brother. Stop pretending.” Sorry Lil bro. Opening FIFA packages doesn’t qualify you to be…'”

Felix then realized how many times the aforementioned fan had donated to his channel, reaching a total number of 170. Assuming a minimum donation of $5 was made, the viewer would have spent at least $850 on the streamer’s channel.

xQc wanted to invite the viewer to a voice chat on his Discord server. When the 27-year-old saw the latter’s reaction “Yo, calm down”, he responded:

“What do you mean ‘relax?’ You gave $850 for the hate mongering donations. You chat things up for days. I’m like, ‘Yo, what’s up,’ ‘Yo, calm down!’ Get the fucking part! I’ll tell you what, we’re playing ‘talk or miss’.

Fans react to the streamer’s clip

xQc’s clip was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and the comment thread quickly caught on. Here’s what the online community had to say:

xQc is one of the most popular personalities in the streaming community. He became a full-time Twitch broadcaster after retiring from the professional gaming scene. His Twitch channel currently boasts 11,385,133 followers.

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