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Fans around the world have reacted as American YouTube star Darren “IShowSpeed” took another leap forward in his illustrious streaming career after amassing over 100,000 live viewers during his first live football stream.

A streamer is a term used to associate a creator reacting to an entire game live on a broadcast. Speed, who is a vocal supporter of Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal, made his first live viewing during the game against Ghana yesterday (November 24). Portugal led by Ronaldo won the match 3-2 against the Africans in their first meeting in Group H.

During the live broadcast, IShowSpeed ​​managed to gain over 100K simultaneous viewers, making it one of his most popular streams. In response to the data, one user said:

“Ronaldo effect”

IShowSpeed ​​stream saw over 108k live viewers as Portugal beat Ghana at World Cup, fans react

IShowSpeed ​​has managed to integrate itself with the soccer community over the past few months. Although initially just starting out as an NBA 2K streamer, Speed ​​has branched out into other games including EA Sports FIFA.

Since becoming interested in European football, the streamer’s numbers have exploded. As of this writing, Darren has over 13 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. His last live broadcast, which was to watch a Group H match between Portugal and Ghana, saw more than 108,000 viewers at one point.

Seeing the amazing numbers, fans poured in with many reactions. One Twitter user suggested that the reason for his binge-watching was because of Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored the opening goal in the game:

Another fan noted that he was “back” from his mini-hiatus. Darren was in the UK a week ago, which made the streamer’s schedule quite inconsistent. One user responded by saying:

What was even more amazing was the fact that the game was in the morning for many Americans. Darren, who lives in Ohio, streamed at 11 a.m. (EST). For others, it may have been earlier. This user stated:

Others also responded with IShowSpeed’s signature phrase “Suwey”:

How did IShowSpeed ​​react to Ronaldo’s goal?

Yesterday’s stream was the first time Darren responded to CR7’s goal live. At the time of the goal, Speed ​​was with his cousin. Seeing the ball curl the net, the streamer went into a nervous ecstasy. Here is the clip:

During the live broadcast, Speed ​​also hinted at his plans to visit Qatar to watch the ongoing 2022 World Cup. It remains to be seen if he will actually go or if he was just joking.

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