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Steubenville Police

Confusing: Three women argued in a parking lot in the middle of town, Tuesday. Police said when they got there, two of the women were “yelling at each other and nagging.” A woman who portrayed herself as the victim claimed the other woman spat on her, and when she hit her, the other women’s mother joined in. The other woman and her mother told police they came out of a store and the woman started yelling at them. hit her.

Always on camera: Wal-Mart employees told police a woman was seen placing bags over items that weren’t being scanned and trying to leave without paying for everything in her cart, Tuesday. Brittney L. Johnson, 37, 517 Grandview Ave., Steubenville, was charged with petit larceny. Police allege Johnson “admitted to attempting to steal two of the items in question, a whole turkey and a whole ham,” but said she did not realize there were other missing items in the cart that she or her children had placed items in it.

Ax not why: A Rosslyn Boulevard resident reported finding an ax in his yard with round “O” on that, Tuesday. He told police he believes a man he has had problems with left it. He claimed that days after Halloween, the man had come to his door and threatened him.

Sad condition: A downtown resident said his son came home from the bar drunk and assaulted him after an argument Wednesday. He said his son was drunk “and brought up an argument that took place earlier in the day.” He said his son threw a TV on the floor and then pushed him onto the bed and began hitting him with his closed fist, although police noted there were no visible cuts or bruises. The TV was on the floor along with some other items, they said. The man said he does not want to press charges but he wants criminal protection “because this has been an ongoing problem.” The son was gone when the police arrived.

Truth be told: Two brothers told police a third man started a fight inside a downtown establishment, but witnesses told police they were the instigators, Wednesday. One of the brothers said he was trying to separate the other two when the third man started hitting him “and almost (tore) his shirt from his person.” Witnesses said the brothers actually started the fight, police reported. One of the brothers allegedly walked over and began to take off his jacket as the man tried to walk away, they said.

Not welcome: A Prospect Avenue resident said two people were in his basement who shouldn’t have been, Wednesday. He said his dog alerted them and when he went to investigate he heard a man and a woman talking, then heard a door open before discovering “his cellar door (was) broken/unsecure.” He told police he saw them go through his back door.

Stopped: Jackie Williams, 47, 1907 Main St., Wellsburg, possession of drug paraphernalia, Tuesday. Police said they stopped Williams after she allegedly made an improper left turn onto Sunset Boulevard. K-9 Puma alerted to the front passenger side of the vehicle, where officers found a glass crack pipe with chores tucked into a cigarette pack in the center console. Williams told police she doesn’t smoke and that a friend must have left it, but police say they saw several empty cigarette packs in the vehicle. “small torn cellophane bags commonly used to package narcotics.”

Bad day: A man trying to repossess a vehicle in the 100 block of Pembroke Avenue said the hapless owner hit him with the door and refused to get out Tuesday. He said the buyer had missed four payments, and when he told him he had the possession order, an argument ensued.

Bad find: A couple who parked their car in front of their home on Cedar Avenue discovered that a window had been “totally knocked out” Tuesday.

Booked: George Mavromatis, 57, 100 West Church St., Wintersville, bench warrant, Tuesday.

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