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Someone who probably adores both Minecraft and Doctor Q She brought the two together by building a blocky recreation of the Time Lords’ home, Gallifrey. Known as one of the most influential survival games of all time, Mojang’s sandbox title has proven itself on countless occasions as a never-ending source of player creativity. Its unique graphics, appeal to all ages, expansive landscape and almost endless building potential have kept it at the top of the gaming industry for years.

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Considering its significance, it is not unusual for Minecraft and other forms of pop culture to meet in the middle. From broadcasts of famous moments from iconic movies to a clerk’s husband Simpson An opening in the game’s visual style, not to mention projects designed to raise awareness or charity funds, Minecraft established itself as an important aspect of mass culture. No matter how old the game looks, people are always dealing with pretty spectacular buildings.

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Take Reddit user tucker-ed-out for example. in a series of photos uploaded to Minecraft At the forum, they showed off their skills by displaying a replica of the planet Gallifrey, as seen in the BBC’s hit sci-fi show. Each screenshot gives a small taste of the blocky facsimile of the Doctor’s home. The user says this project contains every single location from the fictional world, as well as Daleks, Cybermen, Chancellor’s Guards and more. They don’t seem to have made the build available for download, but tucker-ed-out told those interested that they can visit the planet on the user’s server.

A screenshot from Minecraft shows a recreation of the planet Gallifrey from Doctor Who.

More photos can be found on Reddit here.

As one of the longest-running shows in history, it was only a matter of time before someone recovered assets from Doctor Q B Minecraft, and it’s not the first time someone has done something similar. Last year, a fan decided to create their own exact representation of the TARDIS police box. That in itself is pretty noteworthy, especially for fans of the show, but what made it even more impressive was the way they managed to simulate the physics-defying face that the famous time machine is known for.

Considering the huge number of platforms that support Minecraft, from previous generation consoles to mobile devices, it’s no surprise that it has managed to reach so many players around the world. Even as time goes on, there will always be fans willing to showcase their projects, and from what has been showcased over the years, many people in the community have a lot of talent and dedication.

Minecraft Available now for mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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