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B DMZ, Players encounter different missions from three factions. These factions are called Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mouse, and each has five tiers of missions. Each tier has a number of tasks for players to complete, and you must complete them to progress through them DMZ.

The Mazel Tov mission is a challenge for the Legion faction, and requires players to unlock room 302 on the top floor of the Sava Hotel.

This mission requires the players to loot and retrieve the golden .50 GS pistol from room 302 in the Sava Hotel. When you enter this building as usual and go up the stairs, you will find that room 302 is locked. Similarly, you may not find the key to open this room in Sawah Hotel. However, there is another method to complete this task, which requires hacking and entry without involving a key.

Here’s how players can unlock Sawah Hotel Room 302 DMZ.

How to enter Sawah hotel room 302 b DMZ

Screenshot via Activision | Remixed via Dipanjan

The Sawah Hotel is a medium sized white building with the word ‘Hotel’ written on the front of the building. It is located at POI Sawah Village in Zone 5B Sector B04, and you can check the yellow circle in the image above to see its exact location.

This area is teeming with AI fighters, and it is highly recommended to defeat them before entering the hotel.

Once the area is clear, enter the building and visit the top floor.

Screenshot via Activision

Room 302 is locked, and if you don’t have a key to open it, use the stairs and go to the roof of the hotel.

On the roof you will find broken windows that allow access to some of the rooms. After exiting the roof door, look to the right and you will see some windows near the water reservoir. Stand on the second window closest to the reservoir and go down the room.

This way players can enter room 302 without having to use a key.

Screenshot via Activision

Once inside, look around to find the golden 0.50 GS. Pick up the weapon and check the Tac-Map for a penetration point. Remember, this objective will only be completed if you have the mission equipped. Make sure the Legion Congratulation mission is selected before entering the game.

If your teammates have the same task, then completing it once does the trick for all three teammates.

With the golden .50GS in your inventory, look for the nearest salvage. It is best to get on a vehicle and drive directly towards the rescue to complete this mission.


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