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The offseason in the competitive League of Legends is still going on! Now we got some interesting news from North America. It looks like two LCS legends are set to reunite in 100 Thieves. Everything we know about Bjergsen and Doublelift’s potential new team.

Bergsen and Doublelift
Unite in 100 Thieves? It seems possible! | © Riot Games

The competitive League of Legends offseason seems to be getting better and better. This potential roster move is something for old-school LCS fans: According to sources, Doublelift and Bergsen may reunite in 100 Thieves. While Doublelift has been absent from esports for several years and is aiming for a comeback, Bjergsen parted ways with Team Liquid just two weeks ago.

It’s fair to say that 100 Thieves looks to be out for two great LCS veterans for the upcoming season. Who broke the news about the potential deal between 100 Thieves, Bergsen and Doublelift? What can we expect from their 2023 roster? Everything you need to know here.

LoL players Bjergsen and Doublelift: Verbal agreement with 100 thieves

A few days ago, the well-known LoL esports insider Brieuc “LEC Woolo“cigar posted the news on Twitter. According to his sources, Yilang “Double liftPeng reached a “verbal agreement” with the 100 Thieves organization. The 29-year-old American was recently part of TSM, but also played in the bot lane for Team Liquid or Counter Logic Gaming.

Same goes for Soren.Bergsen“Birg Sources close to Berwick Cigar He has been confirmed to play in 100 Thieves next year. Over the past year, Bjergsen has been a part of Team Liquid, but he is best known for being TSM’s mid laner. Arriving there in 2013 after a brief stint with Ninjas in Pajamas, he became one of the best mediums in the world.

100 Thieves: Potential roster and outlook for the 2023 season

The star power behind the Bjergsen and Doublelift names is almost unmatched. These two are without a doubt Two of the biggest stars that grew from North America. If you didn’t already know, these two have been playing in the same group for quite some time and also have a great relationship off stage.

But what will the rest of the 100 Thieves roster look like for next season? While Bjergsen and Doublelift cover the mid and bottom lane, there are still three more spots to fill. As of right now, it’s likely that we’ll only see one player from the 2022 roster remain with the team. We are talking about 100T jungler can”Closer” Çelik. The top track and support role will be filled by two promotions in the academy staff.

Doublelift’s bot lane partner will most likely be Alan “Busio“Cwalina, while on the upper track we will see his teammate from the 100 Thieves Academy, Milan”stubbornnessOleksy. Let’s take a quick look at the full roster:

  • Top line: tenacity
  • Jungle: Closer
  • Mid lane: Bergsen
  • Bot Lane: Doublelift
  • Support: Busio

Well, what do you think of this roster? It’s a clear combination of a lot of experience and unproven talent. This may be fruitful, especially for Tenacity and Busio. If they can get great chemistry with their older teammates, 100 Thieves could be poised for a great season.

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