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One of the best players to ever play for BOOM Esports, he saw the team from the start of their aggressive play style late game. Shortly after Tino was inactive, Jackie was relieved to fill the role for the upcoming DPC tournaments right up to the International 12.

Right after TI, Jackie decided to check his options for next season.

“Today, with a heavy heart, we say goodbye to our 1st position from our Dota 2 team, Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong. No words can express how hard we worked with Jackie to make our dream of the International come true,” Tweeted by BOOM Esports.

Although the rumor of his departure from the team has finally been revealed, it cannot be denied that the star player had some of his most glorious moments with BOOM Esports. Let’s take a step back and reminisce about the beginning of the DPC season and what happened.

DPC SEA Champion 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Final

Right at the start of the DPC after a suspended major, Jackie then sought to capture the championship in the regional finals to secure a sizeable share of the available DPC points.

A point-blank onslaught on regional rivals T1 was a moment of failure at the start as they were downed 1-2 by Koko and friends. Coming back from a loss, they destroyed Team SMG 2-1 and went to the Grand Finals trying to tip the scales in their favor. After three wins in games 1, 2 and 4, BOOM Esports won their first DPC Championship with an unexpected victory.

Dubai Galaxy Gamer Champion 2022

Not long after their success on the last DPC tour, Jackie and the boys then headed straight to Dubai for their first international debut. Playing among the best teams in the world like Team Secret, Team Spirit and Nigma Galaxy was a whole new experience and became a test of their ability against top teams from other regions, not to mention a new audience experience.

To quote his teammate Saieful “Fbz” Ilham, they did not expect much from the tournament as they were testing the waters and may turn out to be a learning experience for them. However, in the Grand Finals, they knocked out eventual TI winners Tundra Esports in the Grand Finals, 3-2, to win their first LAN tournament.

Gamers Champion Galaxy Thailand 2022

Right after the third tour, JaCkky and the team rejoined another Gamer Galaxy tournament held in Hat Yai, Thailand a few months before TI11. With a Gamer Galaxy trophy in the bag, they were looking to bag another trophy and may also serve as a tournament where they can test their big guns against the top teams in SEA.

A heated grand final against Polaris Esports was a spectacle as Jackie switched between four different heroes in 5 games to eventually battle for the championship from Polaris. The event made them establish their place as the top dog in the area.

BTS Pro Series Season 12 SEA Champion

Finally, before going to The International 11, Jackie and the boys once again proved their mastery of the region by taking first place before heading to their bootcamp in Malaysia in preparation for TI 11. Jackie and Fbz even went back to Indonesia to meet some fans and package their documents in their bootcamp, which brings an even deeper connection between JaCkky and the team, especially for Fbz.

Jackie has left the team but his contribution to BOOM Esports’ competitive legacy will not be forgotten. carry Laos had their share of ups and downs, but until their last moment at TI11, they never wavered and swung SEA’s position even against the defending champions, Team Spirit, who they took down 1-0 in LB Round 1.

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