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Monster Hunter Rise recently received its third major title update for the Sunbreak expansion, adding a wealth of exciting new content for players. Monster Hunter Rise was nearly as profitable as the series’ previous entry, Monster Hunter World, and its massive expansion, Iceborne.

As such, Capcom has doubled down on post-launch support for the game, adding new arenas, gear and armor systems to craft, and even new monsters for players to hunt. Similar to the previous two title updates for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Title Update 3 adds three new monsters for players to hunt: the Chaotic Gore Magala, Risen Teostra, and Risen Kushala Daora.

The update also introduces new armor sets and weapons for players to craft, sure to give them an advantage in high-level Master Rank missions, alongside new anomalous missions.

Aside from the usual new monsters and anomaly investigation missions, Title Update 3 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also adds some new combat skills for players to incorporate into their arsenal. The newly added Strife and Berserker skills could prove to be game-changers in some of Capcom’s new monster hunting.

How to properly use Strife and Berserker skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The latest Strife and Berserker skills added alongside Title Update 3 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are basically Armor and Decoration skills. This means that players don’t have to work their way towards a specific weapon to add these skills to their arsenal.

Berserker is more of a passive skill whose effects won’t be immediately apparent during combat, but will be useful in increasing players’ effectiveness during combat. Discord, on the other hand, is more of an active skill that players can use to significantly boost their attacks. Here’s a full breakdown of the Strife and Berserker skills and the armor pieces that come with the embedded skills.


  • Skill Effect: Increases basic attack power and affinity according to players’ red health meter.
  • Levels: The skill comes in three tiers with each tier stacking an increasing amount of attack power and affinity, with the third tier adding infinite stamina for a short period of time when the attack is exhausted.
  • Best use case: This skill is best used with fast-hitting weapons such as the Dual Blades, Insect Glaive, Charge Blade, Long Sword, Sword and Shield, and even the Switch Ax to some extent, as these weapons will allow players to max out their attack fairly quickly and gain You are the temporary endurance enthusiast.

Armor pieces with Strife skill

  • Chaotic glitches/dropped packages
  • Chaotic Shock/ Fallen Shock
  • Chaotic mail/fallen mail


  • Skill Effect: The Berserker skill allows players to replace their existing vitality with the red health meter, which depletes over time, but also makes them invulnerable to fainting. The skill is activated by swapping to the Blue Swap Skill Scroll.
  • Levels: The Berserker skill comes in two tiers, the first activates the skill and the second tier reduces the speed at which the red gauge depletes.
  • Best use case: Berserker skills are best used at the end of a long drawn out hunt, especially a Master Rank hunt against some of the older dragons in the game. Combined with the Strife skill, players can easily eliminate a high level monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Armor parts with Berserker skill

  • Chaotic Greaves/ Fallen Greaves
  • Chaotic Vambraces/ Nephilim Vambraces

The new Berserker and Strife skills are a great addition to the already extensive list of combat, armor and decoration skills that players have access to in the Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise. These skills will also be useful in the new Master Rank quests against the latest monster subspecies added to the game, all of which are Elder Dragons.

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