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With Warzone 2 only a few days old, players are already lining up in droves to load up and descend on El Mazra. In true Battle Royale fashion, players arrive at the island alone or in groups and compete to be the last man standing.

While surviving on El Mazra and fighting against enemies and in the invading zone, players must use a variety of tactics to ensure their survival. One of the most underrated tactics in Warzone 2 is effective movement.

Everyone understands how to quickly move from one place to another. However, many players overlook the fact that they can adopt certain stances on the fly. These poses often increase a player’s chance of sneaking past an enemy or even ambushing them.

How to crouch and drop in Call of Duty Warzone 2?

Crouching and prone are two very important positions in Warzone 2 or any battle royale for that matter. The act of sitting on the chef is referred to as squatting. Players usually do this by hiding behind walls and other structures to avoid being shot by enemy bullets.

The act of lying flat on the ground is called prone. This stance allows you to move unnoticed through tall grass or under objects. But, in Warzone 2, how does one crouch or even crouch?

To crouch in Warzone 2, players will simply need to press the CTRL button on PC/Circle on PS/B on Xbox. This should cause their characters to sit on their sanity and crouch. To walk in a tilt, players will simply need to press and hold this button. The key bindings mentioned above are the default key bindings for the game. However, they can be edited from within the game’s settings menu.

Is it important to bend or walk with an inclination?

This is a difficult question to answer. Players are not required to crouch or stoop unless the situation calls for it. Crouching or leaning reduces the speed of movement significantly, so it is not advisable to bend or walk while going from cover to cover.

Conversely, shooting while crouching or prone improves accuracy. It also makes it difficult for enemies to spot the players, making both of these positions critical to victory in Warzone 2.

Bows and Bows can now be used to annoy the entire lobby. Players have created a new technique known as “G-Walking” or “Snake Walking”. While not a bug, the movement technique ensures that the player is constantly in motion, making it very difficult for enemies to land a shot or two on the player.

There are many strategies that players can use to ensure victory in the games. While bending and tilting are not particularly important, they are necessary and should be used whenever the situation calls for it.


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