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Black Friday is part of the holiday shopping season, but the said day is not at home in India. But with leading international and many homegrown brands giving exceptional discounts on their products, Black Friday is making its way into the Indian market.

Additionally, Amazon India had announced that more than 70,000 Indian exporters included in its Global Selling program are geared to showcase millions of “Made in India” products to global customers during the annual Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​​​Monday (BFCM).

Indian exporters are launching over 52,000 new products on Amazon’s global sites for the upcoming holiday season. The Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales started on Thursday, November 25th and will end on Tuesday, November 29th.

After experiencing significant growth during the festive period Swiss Beauty, an Indian makeup brand is expecting better engagement during the Black Friday sale as well.

“It comes as a great opportunity for both customers and brands to drive sales and engage with each other. With the wedding season just around the corner in India, our makeup range has received a fantastic response. We expect a 30 percent increase in sales during this time period,” said Saahil Nayar, COO, Swiss Beauty.

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Discounts and offers

While Anastasia Beverly Hills in India is offering 20 percent off the entire collection and 50 percent off select items, Swiss Beauty has introduced exclusive discounts on some of its makeup kits, including the Wedding Starter Kit, Party Kit and Minimal Makeup Kit exclusively available on its website. “We plan to provide our customers with offers and discounts ranging up to 30 percent, along with a ‘Buy 2 Get 2’ offer exclusively on the brand’s website from November 22-25.

With health and wellness brands gaining traction, Wellbeing Nutrition has offered up to 35 percent off and “Buy 2 Get 1” in certain categories to ensure consumers enjoy the first trials and Evocus, a brand that offers black alkaline drink infused with essential minerals offers fixed 30 percent discount and free shipping all over India.

Cosmic Nutracos are further hopeful and prepared that this season’s sales will be more fruitful than the past two years.

“Both our e-commerce sites for Gaia and Skinella are offering a solid 25 percent discount on November 25. We expect our customers to fill their carts with their favorite items and check out with some great discounts and benefits on both brands,” said Dolly Kumar, co-founder and director at Cosmic Nutracos Pvt. Ltd.

Woodland too is offering free goods worth Rs 1,000 on shopping of Rs 6,995 and free goods worth Rs 1,750 on shopping of Rs 10,995.

​​How Black Friday enters the Indian market

The Black Friday Business

Most brands have seen growing sales Post-Diwali, especially post-Covid, “Markets are fully operational unlike last year when select markets were open due to Covid and customers are anxious to get back to normal. Hence, everyone is aiming for to capitalize on the traction and reach out to as many categories of individuals as they can,” asserted Pavandeep Singh, VP Growth Strategy, Woodland.

In the midst of Black Friday sales, Evocus aims to acquire new customers, generate trials, repeat purchases and build a community of loyal customers. “We have never given such a huge discount before, when we look at 30 percent discount and free shipping, we expect a good response from the big cities,” said Zulkarnain Shaikh, head of digital marketing, global e-commerce and PR, Evocus.

While Swiss Beauty expects a 30 percent increase in sales, Anastasia Beverly Hills expects to reach huge numbers across all its channels. “Sales are already picking up as we started building the offer a few days ago across our online and offline stores, we expect the malls to be flooded with customers while the online carts are already stacked,” said Medhavi Nain, Head of Marketing, Anastasia Beverly Hills India .

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Black Friday and India

Evocus believes that with access to the Internet and social media, the Black Friday sale is no longer limited to the West. Anastasia Beverly Hills echoes the same, believing it to be more of a global phenomenon.

“Digital has bridged the gap between the West and the trend started 2-3 years ago when consumers started looking at Black Friday sales as the start of the last sale of the year. It has been building over the last two seasons when brands specifically started planning Black Friday sales, leading to more and more occasions being adopted like Halloween, World Hug Day, International Men’s Day, etc, to name a few,” commented Saurabh Kapoor , Co-Founder and CBO, Wellbeing Nutrition.

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Western-influenced styles are currently common in India, Woodland also believes that the younger generation is particularly drawn to this. Just like every other sale in India, they are eagerly waiting for the Black Friday sale.


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