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The tournament will see the debut of the Gen.G and Talon Esports roster, as well as Ryo “Bears” Takebayashi’s first competition since returning to the ZETA DIVISION.

South Korea – The Gwangju Esports Series Asia will have KR₩20,000,000 on the line this weekend as four Asian teams lock horns in Gwangju, South Korea for one of the OFF//SEASON titles. The format will include a best-of-3 double-elimination playoff stage that turns into a best-of-5 for the grand final. The match will start at 13:00 KST/JST on Saturday and Sunday and will be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch (1) (2).

The tournament will see Gen.G compete in Asia for the first time after fielding a North American team since the game’s release in 2020. The team is led by Yu “TS“Tae-suk consists of several familiar names from the Korean scene, including Kim”meteorTae-O, who brought Japan’s NORTHEPTION to their first international LAN in Copenhagen earlier this year. Furthermore, it has been a long time since I”k1Ng“Sung-won has emerged on the international stage, and Gwangju is where every player on this team will have to start showing what this squad is capable of by running deep or at least showing promise.

Welcome back, Patipan!
(Photograph courtesy of Michal Kunkol/Riot Games)

since the departure of Patipan”Patipan“Chaeyong, at a time when the squad has just reached the quarterfinals of VALORANT Champions 2021, the Thai side is on a downward spiral. Next on Thanachart”surfRungapajaratkul doesn’t seem to have helped XERXIA (formerly X10 CRIT) get back on track. Now with the return of Patiphan and two exciting new prospects in Apiwat”GarnetS“Apiraksocomal and Jitna”JitboyS“Knockengame, Talon Esports will have something to prove in Gwangju as a proven top contender from last year. Things have changed, but can Talon Esports bring back some of their best memories together?

This is a chance for DRX to fill their trophy cabinet with another OFF//SEASON trophy, having recently won the Daejeon Valorant Invitational and TEN 5_Valorant Korea against Japan last month. VALORANT Champions was the Korean side’s most successful run after all these years, finally breaking the curse and defeating other powers to finish second in second place. There’s no reason why DRX shouldn’t be considered the top favorites for the title.

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After a solid run in Iceland, the Japanese side fell short in the Champions League as a defeat to eventual champions LOUD saw them finish 9-12. Koji”Laz“Oshida & Co. have shown they can take down the best on LAN, with wins over the likes of Paper Rex, Team Liquid, NiP, Fnatic and DRX earlier this year. To lift the trophy in Guangzhou, they’ll have to face an in-form DRX again And two new and unexpected teams that can be challenging to prepare for.

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