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Vito Coppola and Fleur East on Strictly Come Dancing

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Here at Hits Radio we’ve been 100% behind our amazing Breakfast Show presenter Fleur East and her Strictly Come Dancing pro partner Vito Coppola, and now that she’s made it all the way to week 10 she’s been able to share some Strictly secrets with us !

Joining the breakfast team on Friday (November 25) from Elstree, where she broadcasts from every Friday morning before Strictly dress rehearsals, Fleur opened up about the make-up routine and the music.

When asked how many makeup artists it takes to get everyone ready for the show, Fleur revealed how they start on Saturday morning!

“I think there are only eight makeup artists,” she explained. “We all have a rota so a make-up artist will do two or three people and then it rotates.

“So, they get an hour with you, then you move on and the next one comes in. Also, you get done on Saturday morning and then halfway through the day you go back and they move you and add things so it’s like a whole process during the day and your make-up gets more and more elaborate as the day goes on!”

We think you’ll agree that Fleur looks amazing every week! ✨

With so many great songs on the show, Fleur also revealed that the music they practice to and what they perform to is different!

“In rehearsals, we practice with the original track,” she said. “So we get used to all the sounds and instruments on the original.”

Going on to say: “But Saturday morning is the first time we hear it with the band so it’s a completely different version, although they play it as close to the original as possible because it’s a different singer with a different intonation in their voice and instruments sound a little different.”

Earlier this week, Fleur also opened up about the grueling training schedule and apologized for being late to her radio show, telling the team: “I slept a little too well last night guys – I danced until past 10pm which explains the bags under my eyes . Bags for life!”

After James explained, “She’ll be here soon. She’s working 15-hour days at the moment so we’ll have to cut her some slack!”

Tomorrow (November 26), Fleur and Vito will perform a rumba to “Too Lost In You” by the Sugababes. Be sure to check them out!

How to vote for Fleur East on Strictly Come Dancing

Keep supporting our amazing Fleur! Voting opens during the show after all couples have danced and the judges have given their scores. You can vote for free online, or you can pay a fee to vote by phone using the numbers displayed on your TV screen.

Find out all the information about voting on the official Strictly Come Dancing voting page.

Check out Fleur East’s journey on Strictly Come Dancing:

Fleur is announced for Strictly

On Thursday 11th August, Fleur confirmed on the Hits Radio Breakfast show that she had signed up for Strictly Come Dancing! She said: I’m equally nervous and excited to be in this year’s Strictly line-up. I am excited to learn new skills and I want to enjoy every moment of this magical experience. It’s such an honor to be on the show after years of watching it with my father who loved it so much.”

Fleur discovers her professional partner

During the pre-taped launch show on Friday 23 September, it was revealed that Fleur had been paired with new dancer Vito Coppola.

Week one: Fleur and Vito in front of the Cha Cha Cha

Fleur and Vito gave an incredible Cha Cha Cha performance during the first live show on Saturday 24th September and received an impressive score of 29/40 from the judges.

Week two: Fleur and Vito perform a Viennese waltz

During week two, Fleur performed her first ballroom dance in the form of a Viennese waltz to “Glimpse Of Us” by Joji. After receiving another score of 29/40, Fleur advanced to Movie Week.

Week Three: Fleur and Vito perform an American Smooth

During film week, Fleur and Vito performed an American Smooth to ‘Part Of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid. The pair finished 6th on the leaderboard with a score of 29/40.

Week three: Fleur ends up in the bottom two

Despite her amazing routine, Fleur was in the bottom two of the Film Week results show, alongside Richie Anderson. After a tense dance-off, three out of four of the judges chose to save Fleur and Vito.

Week Four: Fleur makes her first 10s of the series

After the disappointment of finding herself in the bottom two last week, Fleur performed an Argentine tango with partner Vito in week four, picking up her first 10s of the series. With a total score of 38/40, Fleur came second on the leaderboard and sailed through to week five.

Week Five: Fleur and Vito transform into ABBA

To celebrate 100 years of the BBC, Fleur and Vito transformed into ABBA in week five, performing a Jive to the hit song ‘Waterloo’. Fleur finished fourth on the leaderboard and advanced to week six after the vote.

Fleur talks about her Strictly journey so far

Speaking on the Hits Radio Breakfast Show ahead of her week six appearance, Fleur said: “I look back at myself and I’m like ‘who is that woman?’

Week six: Fleur performs a salsa to “Break My Soul” by Beyoncé

Fleur wowed the crowd when she and Vito took to the floor on Halloween week to do their salsa, accompanied by Beyoncé’s bop ‘Break My Soul’. Despite scoring an impressive 32, Fleur and Vito found themselves in the dance-off, up against EastEnders actor James Bye and his professional partner Amy Dowden. As Fleur and Vito smashed their salsa once again, it was James we said goodbye to.

Week Seven: Fleur performs a stunning waltz

Fleur, who dusted herself off from being in the bottom two in week 6, performed a beautiful waltz alongside Vito in week 7 and scored an impressive 35/40. The pair advanced to Week 8 of the public vote.

Fleur opens up about appearing in her second dance-off

After Fleur found herself in the dance-off again, this time against James Bye and his partner Amy Dowden, she and Vito were saved by the judges. Opening up about being in the dance again, Fleur said: “Another Halloween scare for me! I really wasn’t, surely the Strictly gods are smiling down on me – it’s my birthday! I honestly thought ‘this is it, I ” I’m gone because I was in the dance again, so I was prepared but I was so very, very grateful to the judges for saving us. I feel so good, I love dancing with Vito and I feel that we I have so much more to show, so I’m really glad we’re here for another week.”

Week eight: Fleur performs a sizzling samba

Fleur East and Vito Coppola wowed on the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor in week eight when they performed a sizzling samba to ‘Hot Hot Hot’ by Arrow. The dance won much praise from the judges, with Shirley Ballas calling it “one of the best sambas we’ve seen”. Fleur and Vito scored 39 points and topped the scoreboard.

Week Nine: Fleur gets 40 points with Couple’s Choice

Week nine was truly a special week! Not only did the show take place in the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom, but Fleur and Vito scored the first perfect score of the 2022 series! All the judges gave them a 10 for their Couple’s Choice for “Destiny’s Child Megamix”. Go Fleurito!

When is Fleur East on Hits Radio?

Fleur East features on the Hits Radio Breakfast Show every weekday morning from 6am. She is joined by James Barr and producer Matt as they bring you the biggest names in music, film and entertainment.

You can also listen to her on Saturday Morning Breakfast with Fleur East, James and producer Matt, every Saturday from 9am to noon.

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