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The CMA released arguments from both Sony and Microsoft on why the Activision deal should or shouldn’t happen, depending on which giant conglomerate you’re looking for. Sony is very concerned that Call of Duty will disappear from the PS6, while Microsoft continues to say that the deal has nothing to do with Call of Duty and everything to do with Candy Crush.

We’ll see what the CMA has to say about all this later, but in the meantime, the UK governing body has released documents from both sides, giving us a deep insight into Microsoft’s future plans. And that future may include Elder Scrolls 6 as an Xbox exclusive.

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Starting on page 56 of Microsoft’s argument to the CMA in favor of the Activision merger, the Xbox maker starts talking about The Elder Scrolls 6, which we know is far from it. The other specifically talks about what Microsoft considers to be “mediocre” games, and hints that Elder Scrolls 6 might be something Microsoft will make exclusive to its console (thanks to the game developer).

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Figure 44 above shows Microsoft’s logic. For bigger games like Call of Duty and Minecraft, the user base is so large that Microsoft would undoubtedly lose money overall by making either game an Xbox exclusive. Similarly, smaller games like Fallout 76 and Psychonauts 2 need to find as large an audience as possible to succeed, thus requiring their release on PlayStation to recoup their development costs.

But in the middle are games like Starfield and Redfall, which appeal to “dedicated gamers” and are “often single-player.” These games, according to Microsoft, succeed as exclusive titles because they provide enough incentive to convince players to actually purchase an Xbox (provided they don’t just get them on PC of course).

The argument against The Elder Scrolls becoming exclusive is of course that Skyrim is one of the biggest games of all time – so big that it’s still regularly re-distributed for profit on new platforms. One suspects that the re-release of Skyrim is being done specifically to keep The Elder Scrolls in the minds of players more than a decade after the game’s release and avoid Skyrim’s name in potential marketing.

The future of Elder Scrolls is still pretty much up in the air, just like the merger between Microsoft and Activision. We will have to wait and see both.

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