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CHESTER – A 32-year-old Chester man has been arraigned on charges of accidents involving damage to an attended vehicle, driving without a license and accidents involving injury or death while driving without a license for a June car crash with a school bus. .

Brian Thompson had also been charged with summary offenses of following too closely and careless driving, both of which were dismissed by Judge Wilden Davis after a brief preliminary hearing on Monday.

Davis heard from Woodlyn Academy’s bus driver, Henry Allen, who said he was stopped at a light at 14th Street and Edgmont Avenue on June 23 and was preparing to turn left when a white SUV crashed into the bus from behind.

Allen told Assistant District Attorney Mary Clay he got off the bus to inspect the damage. The rear bumper of the bus was only slightly damaged, he said, but the SUV was “torn up.”

“I asked him, ‘You didn’t see the bus?’ Allen said he asked the other driver. “… I just said, ‘I hope you have insurance.’ “

Allen could not identify Thompson as the other driver in court and could not remember exactly what the other driver said, but did remember they said something about jail or probation.

Allen said the two vehicles stopped and he spent time going back and forth from the outside to the inside of the bus to check on the children and call their parents. He said a bunch of the kids complained of pain and three or four were taken to an emergency room, though he didn’t know what their actual injuries were.

At one point, Allen said he was on the bus when one of the children noticed the other driver running away. He refused the child’s request to chase him.

Chester Police Officer Anthony Berardi said he responded to the accident and spoke with Allen, but did not find anyone in the SUV when he arrived.

Berardi was able to identify the vehicle’s owner and spoke with them the following morning. The owner allegedly told Berardi that Thompson had been driving the vehicle.

Thompson allegedly admitted to Berardi that he was driving the SUV that day and that he was driving the bus, but said the other driver told him he could go because no one was hurt. Berardi said he ran Thompson’s information, which showed his license was suspended.

Defense attorney Patrick McCafferty denied all charges, arguing that Berardi did not actually see his client drive or the accident, and that the bus driver could not identify him in court. Clay argued that any charges should be stayed based on Berardi’s testimony about Thompson’s confession.

Thompson is scheduled for formal arraignment at the Delaware County Courthouse in Media on Dec. 21. He remains free on $1,500 unsecured bail.


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