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The holidays are just around the corner! In a treat for fans, Dolly Parton and Jimmy Fallon teased viewers about their collaboration and proved that Christmas doesn’t always come early.

According to People Magazine, the pair teamed up for the country legend’s upcoming holiday special called “Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas.”

The late-night talk show host and the “Jolene” singer collaborated on the song “Almost Too Early for Christmas.”

“It’s almost too early for Christmas/Too early to sing this song. There’s still Halloween decorations/And haters will say it’s wrong,” the two sang.

As seen in exclusive photos and a video obtained by the outlet, the two rocked their appearance at a ’50s-inspired restaurant. They also had clothes from that time.

Fallon donned a leather jacket studded with pink bedazzle pearls with a matching Elvis Presley pompadour.

In contrast, the country musician wore a polka dot top and black spandex bottoms with high heels. Her look was completed with her signature blonde hairstyle.

Their backup dancers were also on board with the whole theme as they wore varsity jackets and polka dot skirts.

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Jimmy Fallon Reveals Inspiration Behind ‘Almost Too Early For Christmas’

The single was released earlier this month, and Fallon revealed the inspiration behind the song on “The Tonight Show,” explaining that after Thanksgiving, people debate whether or not they could already listen to holiday music.

“Can we listen to Christmas music? Is it too early? Can we put Mariah Carey on now?” I say, ‘Well, if it’s good, you should,'” he said.

The talk show host then thought it would be fun to release the song during the Halloween season.

Fallon is among the special guests in Dolly Parton’s Christmas movie special. Other artists include Willie Nelson, Miley Cyrus, Jimmie Allen and Billy Ray Cyrus.

“Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas” will revolve around the story of the singer who seeks to lift the weariness of the world by sharing the spirit of the holiday season that she has “always found in and around Dollywood at Christmastime.”

Described as a “modern movie musical,” the film will be released on December 1st at 8pm ET on NBC, it will be available to stream the following day on the Peacock.

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