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The long rumored Crash Bandicoot: Wumpa League spin-off has seemingly been revealed by historian and researcher Liam Robertson, who shared new images and information about the planned game via YouTube. While we’ve already seen leaked artwork from the project, this video is firm confirmation that the game exists, or at least did exists at one point in time.

According to Robertson, Wumpa League was in development at Toys for Bob for a significant amount of time before being shelved so that the studio could focus on completion work for Call of Duty. It was reportedly designed to be a team-based, competitive multiplayer game where players would face off against a mixed squad of characters. The ultimate goal was to earn as much Wumpa Fruit as possible.

Artwork shared by Robinson shows Crash Bandicoot The anti-hero Dingodile leads a band of heroes and villains against a rival team, consisting of Tawna, Coco Bandicoot, Cortex and a previously invisible bull woman. Also along for the ride are Ripper Roo, Uka-Uka and a number of other original characters. One of these depicted in concept art appears to be an electric hamster. Another is a strange bat creature.

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‘The project is used in principle Crash 4s engine and assets as the basis for a multiplayer game with more open environments, Robertson explained.

Leaked footage shared with the video depicted Dingodile roaming through a gray box world covered in a variety of platforms. Beneath these platforms is a green texture that likely represents slime. As in the movie, each character would have been given a glider that would help with fast traversal of levels.

Players would explore these unique levels, collect Wumpa Fruit found in crates and try to avoid “nitrowaves” that wiped out the lower levels of each biome. Once a significant amount of Wumpa fruit had been collected, players would return to their team base and drop off their goods. Other players could be attacked or KOed with spin attacks, which would cause them to lose their Wumpa Fruit.

According to Robertson, this may not represent the state of the game as it is today – as he claims to have seen newer, complete versions of the project. This may indicate that Toys for Bob has resumed work on the game, and it Wumpa League to be officially revealed, despite its presumed long-dead status.

While Crash Bandicoot The spin-off was originally thought to be cancelled, Robertson now believes the project could come to fruition publicly – potentially even at The Game Awards 2022, given that Toys for Bob recently teased a new game reveal related to the long-running franchise. We’ll have to wait and see if this teaser pans out — but in the meantime, we can all enjoy the early one Wumpa League greybox movies and consider how far the game might have come.

Find out when to tune in to The Game Awards 2022 8–9 December 2022 to find out more about this project, should it be ready for another reveal.


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