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The following contains spoilers for Chucky Season 2, Episode 8, “Chucky Actually,” which premiered Nov. 23 on Syfy.

ChuckySeason 2 ended with the demonic doll decorating the halls with blood. Still reeling from the death of their friend Nadine, the penultimate episode found Jake, Devon and Lexy recruiting dad Bryce to perform an exorcism. The goal of expelling Charles Lee Ray’s evil spirit from the Good Guy doll backfired, and Father Bryce exploded. Dr. Mixter’s ability to grab Chucky and make a run for it was cut short when Andy repeatedly shot Chucky. When his reign of terror was finally over, the young heroes returned to their normal lives.

The Season 2 finale, “Chucky Actually,” took place a few weeks after these disturbing events. Lexy had invited Jake and Devon to celebrate Christmas at her house, but Chucky was clearly not done with them. Ray had managed to switch bodies with Mixter, and when she returned to his office, he once again transferred his soul into another Chucky doll. In revenge, Chucky descended on the Cross family on Christmas Eve with the intention of slaughtering everyone. Jake, Devon, and Lexy teamed up to send him packing, but Lexy’s brainwashed younger sister, Caroline, also chose to go with Chucky instead of staying. Showrunner Don Mancini recently spoke with CBR about bloodshed, the Christmas setting, Caroline’s fate, Season 3 and Jason Voorhees.

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Jake, Devon and Lexy in Chucky Season 2

CBR: Copious amounts of bodily fluids squirted and squirted in the last two episodes. Were you even surprised at how much fake blood was required?

Don Mancini: Was I surprised? No, that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to go extreme towards the end of the season. Specifically, with the death of Father Bryce — it was a tribute to Brian De Palma’s film, The rage. I’ve seen a few people who thought it was Scannersand I’m like, “No… The rage did it first. It’s not just a head that explodes. It’s a full-body detonation.” It was super fun to do. Then of course, Mayor Michelle’s chainsaw on Christmas Eve was something we were really looking forward to doing. God knows she had it going.

What was the thought process behind setting this brutal showdown over the Christmas holiday?

In season 1, we had a Halloween episode, and it went really well. It seemed like people really liked seeing Chucky connected to that holiday, so we did it again a little bit. I thought it would be fun to bookend the season with these two holidays…starting with Halloween and ending with Christmas. Doing a Chucky Christmas thing was something I always wanted to do. I dipped my toe in it with a little scene in it Seed of Chucky, where we saw Chucky and Tiffany kill Santa in the movie in the movie Jennifer Tilly made. I wanted to do it on a bigger scale, so we just thought, “Oh, we’ve got to do that this year and finish with the Christmas episode.”

In terms of the narrative structure, I was very interested in playing with the audience’s expectations by boiling everything up in episode 7. It allows the characters to take a breather and relax, but we know that should be the last thing they should do. We say, “Oh no, this isn’t really the time to deal with your relationship issues. Jake and Devon, we want you to kiss and make up, but you have something to do.” That’s what I wanted to do was dramatically put these characters in a relaxed situation so that we would get the thrill of knowing that, “Nah… Don’t relax. He’s still coming for you.”

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Chucky is more than happy to kill these little brats on his naughty list. How prepared are they for his return?

I think they are more prepared than we expected. They have that conversation where they’re going, “Oh, Chucky’s dead,” and Lexy says, “So I’ve heard that. We don’t want to end up like Andy and Kyle, but bad things are always going to happen.” They have matured. Even in our own silly metaphorical way, I think those characters learned something. They have learned to always have their knives ready, which they did, as it turns out. Turns out they were ready for Tiffany. I’m sure they don’t necessarily believe Chucky is dead, but they know their enemies are manifold.

The first season culminated with Chucky on this killing spree at a movie theater. How did you go about topping that carnage in this finale?

It wasn’t so much a matter of topping it. I just wanted to do something different. Since we ended Season 1 with that big public biomass massacre, I wanted to do something more intimate for the finale this time around — set it in a single home and look at the coziness and look more at the emotional fallout of certain relationship things that had happened leading up to this point. It wasn’t about surpassing it, rather doing it in a different way.

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Chucky Season 2 Couch

Sweet little innocent Caroline turns out to be one big bad seed. What did you want to say about Chucky’s influence on children and where Caroline is going?

She is the latest, and it remains to be seen what becomes of her, but innocent children are vulnerable to Chucky’s influence. That’s how he makes his way in the world. He presents this lovable face that is catnip for little kids. We set it up very deliberately in episode 1, in the scene with the therapist, Dr. Mixter, where she says, “But Chucky’s lying. He said he was my friend until the end”, only to find out at the end she’s only been pretending all along on Chucky’s instructions. Chucky has been poisoning her since season 1.

That’s another thing I wanted to do with the finale, with this and Dr. Mixture. Finding out that many of the events from Season 1… Suddenly we have to look at all of these events in a new light. We find out in the season 2 finale that Dr. Mixter helped orchestrate all of this. In season 1 she was, for all we knew, just the friendly family therapist, but no, she’s been helping the big bads. It turns out that Caroline has been influenced by Chucky. Lexy says, “No, Caroline. Don’t you remember? He’s lying. He’s been lying to you. I’m your sister.” She says, “No. Bye.” It was an interesting place to leave all these characters on an interesting cliffhanger. That is the answer to the question. Caroline is the latest child to fall victim to Chucky’s toxic influence.

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There is another big twist in the finale. How much groundwork are you really laying for Season 3? Do you have a clear vision of where you want to go?

Yes. Lots of groundwork has been laid, but hopefully you’re not aware of it other than the obvious. Season 3, if we’re lucky enough to get it, is all set.

Finally, yours Hannibal collaborator Bryan Fuller develops one Friday the 13th prequel tv series. As a horror fan, how much would you like to be involved in that? How about Jason Voorhees giving you nightmares?

Camping is a nightmare for me. Just the thought of sleeping in tents and cabins in the woods, it’s not something that was ever a favorite part of my childhood. That alone is kind of scary to me, but the relentlessness, facelessness, and in a sense characterlessness of a slasher like Jason or Michael Myers is scary in a different way than Chucky or Freddy… villains who can talk. Something about their abstract nature is the source of their creepiness. I’m super happy [about] what Bryan is going to do with it. I know some of what Bryan has planned because I’m his friend. He’s been talking about it for years. If I wasn’t busy with my own show, I’d love to work on it.

The entire Chucky season 2 is now available to watch.


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