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Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive revealed the PvP mode for Minecraft Legends last Friday. The developers released a trailer showing the game’s PvP combat on the official Minecraft YouTube channel.

In the trailer, Blackbird Interactive’s Pete Gunn, Lee Pedersen, and Kyle Jensen, along with Mojang’s Dennis Reese, explained what makes the PvP mode “so much chaotic fun.”

Minecraft Legends is the newest title in the Minecraft family. It is a real-time strategy game that is scheduled to be released in 2023.

The game requires players to lead armies against the evil Figlin forces that have emerged from nether portals around the world. In their efforts to fend off the rebellion, unlikely alliances will be forged.

Players can participate in a campaign or the newly revealed PvP mode, which offers an exciting and excellent experience.

How does PvP mode work in Minecraft Legends?

Before starting a game in PvP mode, players can join one of two teams: orange or blue. Each team can have up to four players. With a maximum of eight players leading armies across the map, the game can be quite exciting and even confusing for unprepared players.

During the game, players can roam around the procedurally generated map to find valuable resources to help boost their armies. These resources can be collected with tranquilizers, which players can place in an area to farm resources for them over time.

However, players will need to be careful when harvesting rare or valuable materials. Other players will also want to get them, which can spark large-scale battles.

The cast structure can change drastically based on available materials

Since each map is procedurally generated, players will have no idea what they’re getting into until the game starts. This means they will have to adjust their armies and playstyle to compensate for the materials they have access to.

For example, in one game, players may have a lot of diamonds and can come up with a diamond and iron strategy. However, in the next phase, they may only have a redstone mine to access, and hence, will have to adapt to a redstone strategy.

This also means that players holding valuable materials risk everyone’s objectives first, so careful defense and communication are key.

Buildings can give teams reinforcements but they can be destroyed

As in any good RTS game, players can create buildings to give themselves and their team an advantage. However, for this reason, other teams can target and destroy these buildings to throw off their entire strategy.

To combat this problem, players must decide when and where to attack to prevent their opponents from building an effective strategy that could eventually take them out.

Minecraft Legends will be an exciting game when it comes out in 2023

Players have a lot to look forward to in terms of both the single player campaign and the PvP modes of Minecraft Legends. It will be interesting to see what strategies players come up with when the game is released in 2023.

Minecraft Legends is expected to be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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