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professions b World of Warcraft They are a side feature that doesn’t have a huge impact on your game but relieves major tensions that players have. For example, Blacksmithing and Tailoring speed up the gearing process, Engineering can help you during intense PvP matches, and Jewelcrafting and Enchanting improve your combat stats. The system was introduced when the original game launched in 2004. Over the years, the professions have been basically the same with only a few quality of life changes, like splitting them into expansions so you don’t. They need to be aligned from classic To shadow lands to start designing your gear.

It would be an understatement to say that the professions were in desperate need of an overhaul. Fortunately, Blizzard Entertainment heard our cries, and the flight of the dragon The launch on November 28 brings major changes to the profession system. This means professions will finally not be a waste of time only useful to hardcore pirates and avid Mythic+ players, but will play a huge role in your daily life wow to grind.

Here’s every profession change Blizzard is making the flight of the dragon Explained, including profession specializations, stats, gear, and other recently introduced concepts like lore and item quality.

specialization in the profession

Although specialization has existed, in one form or another, in the game since its release in 2004, when, for example, female smiths are forced to choose between armor and weapons, the idea fully emerges with the flight of the dragon. during the flight of the dragon, each profession will have four separate specializations that they can join. You can unlock your first specialization once you reach level 25 in your chosen profession. After that, you can choose two more professions when you reach levels 50 and 100, respectively. Simply put, you can choose three of four specializations on offer and drill deep into this tree to receive perks and bonuses associated with those specializations. For example, blacksmiths can choose between armor, weapon construction, special repair, and hammer control. Although you can choose up to three specializations, switching between them is currently not available. So, study the specializations well and make wise decisions.

Knowledge of the profession

To get the bonuses that each profession specialization offers, you will need to earn and use professional knowledge. Profession knowledge points are basically equivalent to talent points which can be spent by clicking on the talent you want to use and applying those changes. Each profession specialization will have its own professional knowledge that you can use to upgrade your profession specialization. To gain expertise, you will need to craft as many items as possible, but remember that you only gain expertise when you craft items for the first item.

B dragon flight, You will not waste your hard materials to advance your profession as soon as possible. Instead, you’ll need to put more time and effort into your professions level. In return, the rewards and progress will be more significant. Gatherers, on the other hand, will find professional knowledge while gathering ores and herbs. Apart from all this, you will be able to gain more professional knowledge from daily tasks related to your craft.

Item quality

With the release of the flight of the dragon, all lootable ores and herbs will now have three quality levels. Ready-made items and finished goods, on the other hand, will have five separate quality levels. The rule of thumb you can use here is: the higher the quality, the better the product. For crafted gear and weapons, this will directly translate to higher item levels and stats. When it comes to consumables, it will have a stronger effect. And for raw materials, this means that if you have higher quality ore or herb, it will directly increase the quality of the item made from it. To increase the quality of the item or material, you will need to level up your profession. On top of that, you can specialize in higher quality materials, but it will cost you a few more profession specialization points that might be more useful.

Skill difficulty

Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

Skill difficulty b the flight of the dragon is a skill level you need to consistently get the highest quality materials or equipment. Fortunately, you’ll have a skill difficulty bar where you can track your quality progress.

Customization of designed items

As you create your next item, you can add special materials to infuse it with special effects. In addition, the, You can customize secondary stats, just like we did in shadow lands With Missives for our legendary items. All you need to do is keep the necessary materials in the bag. Keep in mind that all these customizations will increase the skill difficulty of the recipes.

Profession statistics

entered into the flight of the dragon, all subjects will have statistics associated with them. For crafting professions, you can stack Inspiration, Resourcefulness, Crafting Speed, and Multicraft. While Inspiration will give you an extra chance to craft an item with an additional bonus skill, Resourcefulness will reduce the number of tradable reagents you’ll need to craft each item. Crafting Speed ​​Increases your crafting speed so you can craft more items in less time. Multicraft will be a useful stat for Enchanters and Jewelcrafters and it will give you a bonus chance to craft multiple items using the same materials.

Pickers, on the other hand, will have finesse, agility, and perception as their primary trade stats. Subtlety will give you a bonus chance to collect more of the primary reagent. If it works out while you’re mining, you’ll get, say, five ores instead of the usual three. The second data set you get is Deftness. Agility will increase your gathering speed, just like Crafting Speed. Finally, Perception will increase your ability to detect rare reagents while collecting.

Equipment for the profession

To get profession stats, you’ll need to get your hands on profession equipment. In the upper left corner of your profession window, you can see your profession equipment. Typically, you’ll have three separate slots for your professional gear: a professional tool slot and two accessories. To get your trade equipment, you need the essential materials and the required level. Most professions are able to create the vast majority of their equipment themselves, but some will need help from others. For example, blacksmiths can make their own blacksmith’s hammer and toolbox, but they will need to find a leatherworker to assemble a blacksmith’s apron for them. At first, professional gear will be of Uncommon quality, however, you can upgrade it with higher quality materials to Rare and Epic quality.


The biggest frustration that most crafters had with the previous systems was the inability to reuse the old crafted items and materials. B the flight of the dragon, all your problems disappear with the new mechanic. With recrafting, you can reuse an item of old construction and recreate it for less material costs. You can re-craft items to get a higher quality item, swap out secondary stats, or even add special effects. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to spend your gold on quality rare materials since they can’t be reused.

Creating orders

Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

Essentially functioning as an auction house, placing orders will allow you to order an item that you would like to receive. When ordering the item, you can include all the materials you already have and payment for the craftsman. An artisan can then pick up your order, design it and leave it for you to pick up whenever you’re ready. Fortunately, you can get items that are bound-when-collected without the hassle of having to take that exact profession. On top of that, both you and the crafter can use binding materials when collecting without a problem.

Professional portfolios

So that your bag does not overflow with different resources, Blizzard presents professional bags that will immediately store all the materials. You’ll get a profession bag from a quest once you get to the Dragon Islands, so it’s best not to waste your money on bags early on. If a 26-slot bag isn’t good enough for your collection needs, you can order 32- and 34-slot bags.


Since collecting is much different than the crafting professions, collectors will only have three quality types that will level up over time as you gain more levels. To get a challenge while collecting herbs and ores, the developers introduced the node mechanic and the authorized plants. While collecting ores and herbs, a mob may spawn which, when killed will give you bonus loot or a buff. For mining there are five types of certified nodes: Bloody, Hardened, Molten, Primal and Titan-Touched. Similarly, herbs will have herb forms in Windswong, Bloody, Rotten, Frigid, and Titan-Touched. There is also an overload mechanic that will appear in different forms and eventually give you different effects and bonuses. Skinners in the flight of the dragon Won’t be able to just skin random monsters and get the same type of skin. Instead, they will have to collect different types of leather. For example, to get Flawless Proto Dragon Scale, they will need to skin Proto Dragons.


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