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The Shanghai Health Commission reported a total of 9 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and 77 local asymptomatic cases this morning, Friday, November 25.

Of the 86 new cases reported, 84 tested positive in central quarantine, while 2 tested positive during regular screening.

There are 19 more cases than yesterday 67and two additional new community cases.

SPOILER ALERT: Four new ones community cases will be reported tomorrow.

Double the trouble…

New cases in Shanghai by district…

The 9th local cases who tested positive in central quarantine were in the following areas:

  • 2 in Jiading

  • 2 in Pudong

  • 2 in Songjiang

  • 1 Minhang

  • 1 in Qingpu

  • 1 in Xuhui

The 2 local asymptomatic cases who tested positive outside central quarantine were in the following areas:

  • 1 in Baoshan

  • 1 in Songjiang

The 75th local asymptomatic cases who tested positive in central quarantine were in the following areas:

  • 18 in Pudong

  • 9 in Yangpu

  • 7 in Qingpu

  • 6 in Baoshan

  • 5 in Hongkou

  • 5 in Jiading

  • 5 in Jing’an

  • 5 in Minhang

  • 5 in Songjiang

  • 3 in Huangpu

  • 2 in Putuo

  • 2 in Xuhui

  • 1 in Changning

  • 1 in Fengxian

  • 1 in Jinshan

2 new community cases…

Time for another exciting part of ‘What were today’s two new social cases?’ – before we go up to four tomorrow.

First of all, both are asymptomatic cases.

The first, a 33-year-old woman, lives in Zhujialong Village, Gucun Town, Baoshan District Suburb

In addition to her accommodation, she had been to the Sam’s Club supermarket in Waigaoqiao in Pudong, as well as a restaurant and other places in Minhang, Putuo and Jing’an districts.

The second case, a 77-year-old man, lives in Jiuliting Subdistrict in suburban Songjiang District.

Besides his accommodation, he had been to a Yifeng pharmacy in Songjiang and shops in Hongkou and Putuo districts.

We’ll be keeping up with you – with four more community cases tomorrow, we can’t see the number of cases across the city dropping anytime soon.

White list planned for provincial neighbors…

In an act of neighborly cooperation, Shanghai is hatching plans to work with neighboring Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces to adopt a whitelist system to verify regular commuters across the provinces, allowing them to dismiss the notice banning them from entering public places in Shanghai.

Under new rules, those traveling to or returning to Shanghai from other provinces are barred from doing pretty much anything fun for five days after returning to the city.

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That said, there is one new and notable exception…

Disneyland exempted from the five-day rule…


The smile on his face says it all – Mickey Mouse seems to have put on his innocent charm to pull off something of a coup.

Because Disneyland will be exempt from the “five days no fun” rule and welcome guests who have recently arrived in Shanghai.

Only a couple of caveats seem to apply – no dining in indoor restaurants or going into shops.

Aside from that, out-of-towners will be able to enjoy most park experiences, dine from outdoor food and beverage outlets, order takeout from select restaurants, and even stay at the two resort hotels – Toy Story Hotel and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel – where room service will be available .

Shanghai Disneyland and Toy Story Hotel reopened their palatial doors today, following the reopening of Disneytown, Wishing Star Park and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel last week, marking the resort’s return to full operations, following a nightmarish Halloween closure on October 31.

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Beijing figures continue to rise…

Things go from bad to worse in Beijing, med 1 860 cases reported this morning, an increase of 212 from yesterday’s 1,648.

Not the kind of capital gains we are looking for…

Cases in Guangzhou fall for the sixth time in seven days

Guangzhou reported 7,524 new cases of covid-19 this morning, Friday, November 25down 96 from yesterday’s 7,620.

It is the sixth time in seven days that the number of cases has decreased.

Let’s hope they can continue, and Shanghai and Beijing can follow suit.

China covid hot spots…

With covid-19 the numbers being what they are across the country, we’re upping the ante – below is a list of locations reported 1,000 or more cases of covid-19 yesterday – locally transmitted and asymptomatic combined – which you would best recommend avoiding like… you know what:

  • 8,476 Guangdong

  • 6,500 Chongqing

  • 3,375 Hebei

  • 1,860 Peking

  • 1,310 Sichuan

The total number of cases recorded in China yesterday was 32,696, an increase of 1,251 from the previous day 31,444.

That’s a 4% increase in just one day.

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