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Over the past decade, streamers have managed to acquire celebrity status. Many have gradually become the face of the entertainment industry due to their growing popularity. One of the main reasons why viewers tune in to watch streamers is because of their diverse personalities.

With a variety of streaming content available online, streamers often need to produce a unique variety of emotions and expressions to keep viewers glued to their stream. One such event that can be seen across all cultures and language groups is streamers breaking things after losing their tempers.

This article will list five such instances when streamers break things.

5 times these streamers lost control

1) IShowSpeed ​​​​is sitting on his PC

Darren “IShowSpeed” is known for his overreaction combined with his outrageous rants. One of the main reasons why he has accumulated such an excessive amount of views and subscribers is the fact that he has always managed to produce some spectacular moments during his live streaming.

On several occasions, he has been seen breaking or disrupting his lineup due to his antics. During a stream earlier this year, he tried to mimic Ronaldo’s signature celebration in front of his monitor.

While landing the jump, he inadvertently sat on his keyboard and screen, causing the array to crash. This is one of the many times he broke his set-up.

2) Hasnabi cannot handle Scyro

Political commentator and Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” isn’t the best when it comes to video games. Although he mostly streams in the “just chat” category, the Turkish-American streamer dabbled in video games on numerous occasions.

In one stream during the lockdown, while playing a 2019 action-adventure game called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Hassan was seen losing his temper after repeatedly dying in the game. This, in turn, caused the streamer to smash his controller on his desk. The moment has been clipped and shared on several platforms since then.

3) IShowSpeed ​​crushes Adin Ross’ controller

In its second appearance on the list, IShowSpeed ​​managed to break Adin Ross’ PS5 controller during a live stream uploaded in September 2021. During the stream, the duo played a game of NBA 2K20 against their online opponents. Unfortunately for the streamers, they were unable to win the game, resulting in Darren losing his cool.

Adin Ross, who was streaming next door, was interrupted by the arrival of his fellow streamer. Then the latter called:

“We could beat this shit.”

He then picked up Adin’s controller from his desk and threw it against the nearby wall, breaking it into pieces.

4) Castro_1021 breaks the controller while playing FIFA

Cracking controllers and playing FIFA go hand in hand. FIFA streamer Edwin “Castro_1021” has often been in the thick of it when it comes to raving about the game’s mechanics.

As with IShowSpeed, there isn’t one isolated moment of rage from Castro_1021, but a wide range. Among the latest of his rambunctious moments was seen during a stream last month. While playing FIFA 23, which launched in September 2022, the streamer conceded a goal from an opponent after repeating that he had not.

He lost his cool and smashed his PS5 controller into the ground, breaking it in the process.

5) Dr. Disrespect tries to break his headphones

YouTube Guy streamer “Dr DisRespect” is easily among the most popular names in the streaming community. He launched himself to fame thanks to his charismatic personality along with his swagger. Thus, when it comes to getting killed in the game, Dr. DisRespect always has a hard time dealing with it.

In last year’s stream, while playing the popular COD battle royale game Warzone, the mustachioed maverick was seen being outplayed by a seemingly weaker opponent. Seeing this, he took off his headphones and made an attempt to tear it to pieces before tossing it aside.

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